Open a world of fitness on your smart device

Digital Fitness Solutions

Open a world of fitness on your smart device

Save up to 46%
  • 800+ workouts – find the right one for you
  • No equipment needed – choose workouts with or without weights
  • Stream from TV, laptop, mobile, tablet or gaming device

We understand that working from home and that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging but in order to help you manage both physically and mentally through these unprecedented times, we have partnered with Les Mills, LRG Online, Yogaia to offer discounted digital fitness solutions.

Digital Fitness allows everyone to access the world’s most popular exercise classes at home. The streaming services offer access to over 800 workouts from their smart device, it’s never been easier to stay active.


• 70+ workouts for kids
• Workouts designed for all fitness levels and goals
• Workouts powered by science, and proven to get results
• Exercise technique tutorials
• Workouts including: strength, cardio HIIT, dance, flexibility, and more!

Exercise improves both the short and long-term function of your immune system, so you are better equipped to fight off viruses and bacteria. Our advice is to stay active and keep to the minimum guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week in order to help combat illness and disease. The UK Government strongly advises everyone to keep active in these uncertain times, this is the perfect time to introduce you to Digital Fitness.

Sign up today, click here for access! Once you're registered on, look for the Fitness at Home category.

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