Save up to 40% on Cinema tickets*

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Save up to 40% on Cinema tickets*

Save up to 40%
  • We all love the cinema don’t we? Well we’re delighted to be able to offer you up to 40%* off your cinema tickets at all the major cinema chains and local ones too!
  • Currently including Empire, Showcase, Reel, The Light and ODEON
  • Discover new cinema releases below

Well over 300 cinemas participate in the offer and what's more, you can take advantage of the discount as often as you like! Discount level varies depending on location, cinema and peak/off-peak showings.

So whether you love sci-fi, romance, thriller, action, family animations or comedies, there will always be a movie for you to see for less, simply buy vouchers through our site (you have to register first – but it is free) and exchange them for tickets at the cinema. 

Order your vouchers now so you have them for your next cinema trip.

Purchase your tickets

  1. Click on the ‘Register’ link which will take you to the Cinema Society website.
  2. Then click on ‘Register to use this site’ where you will be prompted to enter your details.
    • Please do not click off that registration form until your registration is complete, or your registration for discounted cinema tickets may not be successful.
    • Access code is not required.
    • Note that your email address will become your username.
  3. On your first visit to the site you will be asked to enter delivery and billing details, which will be used for all future purchases.
  4. Locate your nearest participating cinemas. Do not click away from the cinema benefits website. Once you have located your nearest cinema go to Get vouchers for this cinema to purchase tickets.
  5. Purchase your discounted admission eCodes.

All ticket purchases will be online, eCodes will be sent to you within an hour of your purchase.

Please be aware that this is a protected offer, and contractually we have to ensure that only genuine members who have logged in can view it. As such, even after signing up to the benefit, you will need to log in to this BABTAC Membership Benefits page first to access it each time.


Please wait while the latest releases information loads below:

If you find what appears to be a better deal, contact us .

The Small Print

* This offer is subject to terms and conditions. These can be viewed in full here. The discount quoted is based on box office ticket prices for “peak” performances which are Mon-Fri after 5pm and the weekend. At a small number of cinemas it may be cheaper to purchase tickets directly at the Box Office, particularly for off peak child tickets, please always check your local cinema’s website for the ticket prices and promotions. Our Cinema Partners may from time to time run promotions that can affect the level of discount that our admission and popcorn/drink vouchers and eCodes can deliver.

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