Motoring accident cover 24/7, free for a year

Multi-vehicle Motoring Cover

Motoring accident cover 24/7, free for a year

12 months free
  • Normally £29, BABTAC members get 12 months Total Motor Assist free

We are delighted to introduce Total Motor Assist – a great free benefit for all BABTAC members brought to you by Benefits by BABTAC.

Why choose Total Motor Assist?

It sits alongside your car insurance and puts you in a much stronger position in the event of a road accident. This removes the need to claim when it’s not your fault, leaving you with no excess to pay on your car insurance, therefore protecting your no claims bonus.

Total Motor Assist also saves you time if you’ve been injured in an accident, which can be a stressful time, with benefits such as access to private healthcare, 24/7 UK-based helpline and specialist legal support.

This is an essential motoring benefit for you and your family and BABTAC members get their first year free of charge.

What do I get?

  • Multi-car, multi-person cover for your whole family
  • UK-wide vehicle recovery after any accident
  • Manufacturer-approved managed car repair
  • Like-for-like as-new replacement car delivered to your home
  • And much more

We know how important keeping mobile is to you, not to mention saving as much time and money as possible. Click here to get your 12 months free cover today.

You will receive an email communication(s) 7 days before your membership expires.  As long as you renew within 14 days from your renewal date, you will only pay £10 for your annual membership. If you miss this 14 day deadline and you want to renew, you will need to pay £14.50 for your annual membership. 

If you find what appears to be a better deal, contact us .

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The Small Print

Claims can only be made on an insured identifiable third party. View the full terms and conditions here.

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